Det 10, 38th ARRS, Binh Thuy AB, SVN

 Practice mission with members of the Navy River Patrol on the Mekong River at Navy Hqs. just off the end of the runway at Binh Thuy, 1967.

 The second picture is of a scramble at Binh Thuy for an ACR mission.

 Don Van Meter

Feb 1968 -

Handing over command of Det. 10, 38th Aerospace Rescue and Recovery Squadron, to Lt. Col. Roland E. Speckman, right, is Maj. Harold Pickering at Binh Thuy AB, Vietnam.  Major Pickering has been reassigned to Suffolk County AFB, N.Y. while Lt. Col. Speckman is beginning his second Vietnam tour.

Cattle Cowed by Captain Conover.


As an HH-43B rescue crew commander, Captain Laurence W. Conover has engaged in many rescue missions – he holds six Kaman Scrolls of Honor and 15 mission awards.  Many of these flights were made during his present assignment with Det 10, 38th ARRS, at Binh Thuy AB which was also the scene of his most unusual mission.  Unfortunately, it does not warrant an award but, on the other hand, it certainly can’t be allowed to pass unnoticed.


Captain Conover was taking off on a support mission recently when the tower contacted him saying, “Binh Thuy tower would appreciate any assistance you can offer in getting some cattle off the approach end of runway six”.


A few seconds later, six Brahma bulls suddenly found their peace and quite disturbed by a terrifying “monster” which appeared overhead with threatening flapping noises and dust raising blasts of rotor downwash. One look and the cattle started double-timing it for the edge of the runway as Captain Conover skillfully maneuvered the Huskie to direct them in traditional cowpoke fashion.


Naturally, under the circumstances, there was only one thing left for the pilot to do.  He punched the transmit button and alerted the tower with an appropriate Western cry.. ”Yippeee.  Head ‘em up, Move ‘em out!”  Then he asked the question so familiar to late TV western watchers, “Where do you want these Doggies?”