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October 5-8, 2020




Bob Putlock, Chairman

Al Rosenbaum, 1st Vice Chairman

K.V. Hall, 2nd Vice Chairman

George Lightner, Treasurer

K.V. Hall, Historian/Webmaster

 Bill Waters, Special Communications

Bob Brubaker, Helicopter Current News

Larry Burke, E-Mail Updater

Ben Carroll, Official Photographer

Bill & Jean Howard, Hospitality Room Staff


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The USAF Helicopter Pilot Association was established in 1985, "To perpetuate the History of USAF helicopter operation, its pilots and memory of lost comrades; to provide a central registry for helicopter pilot names and addresses; to arrange reunions for social and recreational benefit of members; and to support the intent of the organization".

The above is quoted from our constitution. The Federal Government recognizes the USAFHPA as a social non-profit organization open to all present and former pilots of USAF helicopters. At present we have approximately 550 retired, active duty, and auxiliary members. The dues and initiation fee (which includes the first year's dues) are $10.00 per year. This entitles the member to the periodic newsletter, membership roster, and information on and attendance at the reunions.

All USAF Helicopter Pilots are eligible for membership.
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