USAF Helicopter Pilot Association
Membership Application Form

Name __________________________________________________________________
                    First                (Nickname)               M.I.                Last

Membership Type   Life: ____ Reg ____ If Life, Date of Birth__________

Spouse Name/Your Nickname _____________________ Phone (______)__________________

E-Mail _______________________________________________________________

Street Address ____________________________________________________________

City __________________________ State ________________ Zip __________________

Favorite USAF Helicopter: ______________  Last Assignment / Comments______________


Regular Memberships are still $ 10.00 per year. Associate members do not pay dues.

If applying for Dues waiver: Current Rank: _____Date of Rank: __________A/C qualified in __________

Responding to an Associate Membership offer? Please include your Sponsor’s name.


I have enclosed $ __________ to cover dues for years through __________.

Current job or occupation ________________________________________________

Thank you.

Print this form and mail with dues payment to:

Treasurer, USAF Helicopter Pilot Association
Post Office Box 966
Medical Lake, WA 99022

While you are at it , why not fill out the following Biographical Sketch for our Historian

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USAF Helicopter Pilot Association

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Flying training assignments and dates:

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Additional training / education:

Awards and Decorations / Claims to Fame:

Post Military career:

Family: (wife, children, etc.)

Retirement pastimes and activities:


Please enclose a photo. Past and/or present. (It will be returned if you desire) If you don't have room on this form, just write on the back and I'll take care of it
Print this form and mail to K.V. Hall at his roster address.